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Recounting the, relatively, boring life of a 20-something Composer, Audio Engineer, gentleman and adventurer.
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Amelie has no boyfriend. She’s tried once or twice, but the results were a let down. Instead, she cultivates a taste for small pleasures: dipping her hand into sacks of grain, cracking creme brulee with a teaspoon, and skipping stones at St. Martin’s canal.

—Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

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#Clock #wall. Waiting waiting!!! #Montreal #BusStation

Tune Thursday!

"Stranger" Ben Caplan

Tune Thursday!

The Avett Brothers play some songs at NPR.

Tune Thursday!

"(I Had Thought About This In) March" River City Extension

Tune Thursday!

"Your Ex-Lover is Dead" Stars


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He’s as lethal as he is adorable! I’ve got a couple comics in the works for this little guy, so if you like cats and cops then get excited.

Tune Thursday!

"Mutt Romney Blues" Ry Cooder

Tune Thursday!

"Quarter Chicken Dark" The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Tune Thursday!

"I Never Knew You" Avett Brothers